Cultural Skills

The Sports Medal Program

For Children and Adults of All Ages

If you complete the requirements below, you can win 4 possible medals!

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A special note from Susan Strang - Cultural Director for District #7

This page began as a way to get some of my lodge members in Varden Lodge, who don't attend meetings to stay more involved with the lodge. Because we missed Heritage Camp and the Border Festival, these people were missing their usual summertime events, and COVID was a great incentive to start something new online. I decided to try this as an experiment to see what kind of "buy in" I would get. It was so successful that I thought I would arrange to post it to our website for others to access.

We are going to have five sessions (one per month) to complete level one of the Norwegian Cooking Culture pin. I have 4 people who could not attend the session but are going to be part of the group and plan to make the first recipe on their own. It's easy, so they can certainly do that. My vision is to see us develop classes in cooking and other culture skills for people to access through the website. I know of instructors who I am sure would be willing to do a 30 minute session if we had lessons available online.

We have created a YouTube channel to post the videos on. You can find the link for the first cooking video HERE. This is my first attempt at recording a zoom conference, and it's not perfect, but the pace is fine for people to bake along with me. The recipes will also be provided as downloadable .PDF files.
The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich
The Ultimate Grilled Cheese
A fully loaded grilled cheese sandwich, sure to satisfy.

Video Link Recipe
Apple Raisin Squares
Apple Raisin Squares
Sweet and fruity, with just the right crunch!

Video Link Recipe
A delicious and historic Norwegian porridge.

Video Link
Norwegian Meatballs
The true classic, with all the savoury goodness you can nearly taste already!

Video Link Recipe
Berliner Kranser
A sweet treat of a cookie, shaped like a wreath

Video Link Recipe
Norwegian Vafler
Norwegian Waffles
Oh you already know what you're here for.

Video Link Recipe
Open Faced Sandwiches
Open Faced Sandwich
Half the bread means twice the flavour! Consume with caution.

Video Link Recipe
A delicious and creamy Norwegian desert, steeped in tradition!

Video Link Recipe

Recognition Program

The Foundation tracks donations from individuals as well as from District 4 and District 7 Lodges.
Recognition is provided for accumulated individual gifts and once a member reaches a level, the Foundation provides a recognition pin as follows:

Gifts totalling $100 Bronze Pin
Gifts totalling $500 Silver Pin
Gifts totalling $1000 Gold Pin
Gifts totalling $2000 Platinum Pin
Gifts totalling $5000 Platinum Plus Pin

Each year, the Foundation tracks all the gifts received from the Canadian Lodges in District 4 and District 7. The total gifts received from a Lodge in that year are then divided by the number of adult members in that Lodge to determine a dollar value per member. The Lodge with the highest dollar value per member receives the “Founder’s Award”. These are generally presented at the Foundation’s Annual General Meeting.

Forward Donations and Donor Forms to:
Erik Brochmann, Treasurer
32412 Ptarmigan Drive
Mission, BC V2V 5R5

Please make cheques payable to: Sons of Norway Foundation in Canada